Every year, CSAW's CTF draws thousands of teams from around the world.

Designed as an entry-level CTF, this competition requires players to integrate concepts, develop skills, and learn to hack as they go. Challenges mimic real-world scenarios modeling various computer security problems. To succeed, teams must demonstrate a profound understanding of the roles and ramifications of cyber security in these situations. Topics include Pwnable, RE, Web, Crypto, and Forensics. 

The top teams to emerge from Quals will compete on-site at one of CSAW's global reigons, vying for the coveted top three places.  

CTF is organized by members of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering OSIRIS Lab


22 April 2019: Registration opens 

13 - 15 September 2019: Online Qualification Round

18 - 29 September 2019: Enrollment and team verification for potential finalists

By 13 October 2019: Finalists announced 

6 - 9 November 2019: In-person Finals 

Prelims Registration for CTF will open on Monday, 22 April.

Qualification Round Dates & Times

CSAW’19 CTF will run 13 -15 September 2019

Start Time: 20:00 UTC Time, 13 September

End Time: 20:00 UTC Time, 15 September

Finalist Notification

Finalists will be notified of their status between 18 and 29 September 2019.

Teams will receive notification directly from regional organizers via the team email that is registered on

Below given are the eligibility criteria for final round of CTF

1. The top 10 eligible Indian teams with the most points will be invited to CSAW Finals

2. Teams may have up to 4 players total during Finals, all of whom must be confirmed by 29 September 2019.

3. All team members must be students enrolled in an undergraduate (UG) or post-graduate (PG) program and attend the same university in India.

4. Up to two (2) Student Teams from any given university in India may qualify for Finals. If multiple teams from the same university qualify, only the two highest ranked teams will be invited to compete at CSAW India Finals.

5. Student Teams that qualify for Finals will be asked to verify their enrollment status before being offered a Travel Award.*

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Hariom, Challenge Lead, Capture the Flag