Ever wondered, How to break an Industrial Hardware and its Communication Protocols (Like: Modbus/TCP & IEC-60870-5-104, IEC-61850 etc.)? How to spoof a OT+ICS application? How do Industrial Control Systems (Like: Programmable Logic controllers and Remote Telemetry Units, RTOS, Firmware, OT+ICS software) work? Then this CTF (Capture The Flag) is for you. The SCADA-CTF that is organized by C3i Center's VAPT team is back for its Second Edition..!!

We bring to you an Interesting and Challenging OT+ICS CTF(Capture The Flag), which is related to real-time Industrial Hardware systems and will cover the following key areas:

     1. Communication Protocol (ICS + OT)
     2. Reverse Engineering (ICS + OT)
     3. Web (ICS + OT)
     4. Crypto (ICS + OT)
     5. Stegano (ICS + OT)

Venue: C3i Center

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Parvin Soni Parvin Soni, Challenge Lead, SCADA CTF